Following the successful attendance of serving and retired Detectives to the Bi-Annual dinner in previous years the Organising Committee have been preparing to stage this prestigious event for 2021. The conduct of a large social function is steeped in a long tradition and is not unlike those held many years ago under the banner of the Annual C.I.B. Ball. Each dinner has been hailed as a great success with tickets selling out in a matter of weeks.

The inaugural dinner was held in 2007 and each event since has grown in strength. This year marks our eighth function and we expect it to be our biggest and best yet thanks to your incredible support.

The vocation of criminal investigation has a long and proud history in NSW that has been established over many decades of dedicated and professional service by a great number of honourable men and women. No less can be said of the thousands of men and women who are today carrying on that proud tradition with integrity, pride, passion and commitment.

The dinner is a celebration of this meritorious vocation and the formal aims of the occasion include:

– To promote of the honourable aspects of, and interest in, the history of criminal investigation in New South Wales;
– To promote justifiable pride in the field of criminal investigation today;
– To further develop, encourage and nurture an esprit de corps among those who have performed or are performing this phase of duty in the NSW Police Force;
– To celebrate the commitment, professionalism, and service of those involved in criminal investigation, both past and present; and
– To establish a healthy connection and mutual interest between and among contemporary and past criminal investigators.
– The acknowledgement of the designation of the nation’s first Police Detective in 1827 by then NSW Governor Ralph Darling.

 But mostly, it will be about having a good time among friends, colleagues and fellow practitioners in the world of criminal investigation. A rare opportunity exists for criminal investigators from across the State, both retired and serving, irrespective of whether they work from Local Area Commands or Specialist areas, but all who are tied through a sense of pride and commitment to investigating serious criminal offences. The occasion will also ensure that the spirit which makes criminal investigation a great calling is kept alive and well, now and into the future.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, We sincerely hope that you can join us again, or for the first time, to celebrate and honour criminal investigation in New South Wales. Every effort is being made to ensure it will be a most enjoyable event.

Organising Committee – Association of Criminal Investigators